Here I've displayed a selection of writing samples from my work at various publications.
For more samples, don't hesitate to ask!

Why You Should Create a Digital Portfolio This Week
Auburn University Career Center, February 2017
If you've hung out in the Auburn Career Center or the Miller Writing Center much, you may have heard about students' ePortfolios or digital portfolios , but to most job applicants, it may just ...

Mythbusters: Degree = Job
Auburn University Career Center, January 2016
If you've ever been a college freshman, you probably know the pressure of declaring a major. After all, this is what you're going to ...

How to Lose a Job Offer in 10 Steps
Auburn University Career Center, September 2016
College seniors everywhere dread it more than a losing football season: the job search. Crafting the perfect resume is eye-crossingly complicated, writing a pleasantly tantalizing cover letter is a ...

Our Own Olympian: Megan Fonteno
Harrison School of Pharmacy, August 2016
AUBURN, Alabama -- A new crop of Harrison School of Pharmacy students entered the Walker Building this week, beginning the orientation course known as Foundations of Pharmacy. Each night ...

White Studies Diabetes Treatments With Eli Lilly
Harrison School of Pharmacy, July 2016
AUBURN, Alabama -- One of the benefits of the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Program (APPE) at the Harrison School of Pharmacy is the opportunity to get out and learn in a real-world setting. That ...

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